The static line method of training begins with extensive training on the ground. You will take a first jump course lasting anywhere from 4-6 hours (dependent on class size). You will be trained by our experienced and knowledgeable staff on the equipment you will be using, general safety requirements in and around aircraft, the proper exit from the aircraft, emergency procedures, how to steer and maneuver your parachute through the air and finally how to safely land your own parachute.

The static line exit from an aircraft is done from an altitude of 3,500 feet above the ground. You will have a USPA rated Instructor in the aircraft with you who will be assisting you in safely exiting the airplane. Your skydiving harness container system will have a static line lanyard attached to the aircraft deploying your parachuting immediately upon exit.

You will also be equipped with a radio where you will be receiving instruction on how to steer and land your parachute safely at the designated landing area at the airport.

Each jump includes a thorough debrief to learn from each experience. Completion of this course provides each new skydiver the skills and knowledge for basic and safe skydiving.

Your static line skydive is the first jump in a progression training program that will allow you to achieve freefall goals in a slower paced environment than the faster paced, intense method of Accelerated Freefall (AFF).