Discounts!  We currently run weekday tandems starting at $180.  We also offer 10% off to our military tandem jumpers.  Purchase 5 tandems and get 5% off the total.  Purchase 10 tandems and get 10% off.  Call us to find out more!
Tandem Skydiving
Tandem Basic  One standard tandem skydive without video or photos.  Usually $250, but on sale now.$200 
 Tandem Plus One standard tandem skydive with video or photos $280
 Tandem Premium One standard tandem skydive with multiple camera views and high resolution photos $350

Solo Skydiving
aka Accelerated FreeFall (AFF)
 Category A Includes first jump course (FJC) and 1st jump$350 
Category B Includes category training and 2nd jump$260 
 Category C1Includes category training and 3rd jump $260 
 Category C2Includes category training and 4th jump $210
Category D1Includes category training and  5th jump$210
 Category D2 Includes category training and 6th jump $210
 Category E1 Includes category training and 7th jump $210
 Category E2 Includes category training and 8th jump $210
 Category E3 Includes category training and 9th jump $210
 Complete AFF PackagePurchase the complete package and save big!  $1850

Sport Skydiving
 JumpOne jump ticket to altitude $20 
 Hop n PopOne jump from 4.5k $12 
 Main RepackOne main pack, tip not included $6 
 Reserve packInspect and repack your reserve parachute $50